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The first law of sustainability is that everything is related to everything else

Sustainability at Casa Lum

We understand the importance of caring for the environment

At Casa Lum, social responsibility and sustainable hospitality are two concepts without which we could not operate. Our effort and daily work focuses on the integral development of the community we inhabit, minimizing the environmental impact, contributing to the local economy and setting an example of positive leadership.

Casa Lum Restaurant is dedicated to contemporary cuisine with a regional touch, complemented by an extensive menu of drinks and wines.

Socio-environmental Policy

At Casa Lum we have committed ourselves to the planet and particularly to our environment, to govern our actions responsibly in the use of resources with the aim of minimizing and mitigating the impact of our operations on the environment, promoting social and economic development.

Casa Lum has established itself as a leading property in the region for its performance towards sustainability, obtaining the Platinum Earthcheck certification.

Our long-term vision commits us not only to respect current legislation but to remain open in processes to improve our performance based on a Sustainability Action Plan and annual Benchmarking evaluations.

Corporate Responsability

        We strive to be leaders in sustainable hospitality through three pillars


Social Justice

We provide means for the professional and personal development of our collaborators.

We promote projects that detonate the sustainable development of the town.

We contribute to preserving the city’s historical legacy, by rescuing and restoring 19th century building.


Environmental awareness

We guide the operation of the hotel towards the efficient use and consumption of water and energy through specific operation strategies and systems incorporated into the property.

We minimize our potential for solid waste generation, in addition to practicing good management and final disposal.

We focus our actions on reducing the carbon dioxide emissions we generate. We promote in our visitors and collaborators the culture of conservation and preservation of the environment.

Economic development

At Casa Lum we identify the sources that generate solid waste, as well as effective measures for its collection, separation, recycling and final disposal.

We promote fair trade by acquiring products made under this premise and we collaborate with the dissemination of these initiatives within our community.

We are a sustainability-oriented boutique hotel whose business model is innovative within the tourism sector.



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Property sustainability

Casa Lum lighting was designed in accordance with the American ANSI / ASHRAE / IESNA Standard 90. 1-2007, ENERGY STANDARD FOR BUILDINGS, based on LEED V.3 Certification.

95% of the woods that were acquired during the remodeling process have FSC certification as they come from forests that are assured of conservation. We reused beams, columns, girders and andirons that belonged to the original structure of the property.

Casa Lum Restaurant is dedicated to contemporary cuisine with a regional touch, complemented by an extensive menu of drinks and wines.

Economic performance

We use 9,000 tiles from demolished buildings, thus promoting a culture of reuse.

The plaster that covers the original adobe walls was made according to the traditional form with natural materials such as: lime, prickly pear slime and water.

We reconditioned and reused 25 doors and windows of the original house.

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Environmental Performance Report

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